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CASA building materials

Welcome to the world of building materials “CASA”.

Over the years, we consider our mission to provide our customers with the best quality building materials that can be provided with the best combination of price-quality.

Casa Building Material offers 10,000 or more quality building products and accessories for your home repair or construction by various brands.

High-quality tiles, wooden and laminate flooring, sanitary ware, heating boilers, paints, fillers, mainly for foreign and local brands (ZZambaiti, Fondital, Squirrel, Tplast, Comfort, Kalekim, Kaldo, Stayer, Vinil, Palitra, etc.) and other products.

Due to the high level of service and high quality products, CASA has expanded over the years by adding its second store as well as a new pavilion for special wholesale sales.

It's no accident that CASA is one of the true leaders in Armenia, for which we are proud of our customer...

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